Changing the language of a document or part of a document

I have many documents in English or German, but my system is set to English.
The parts of my document in English are spelling/grammar checked and this is great for spotting errors, but the parts that are in German are almost completely underlined in red, making it very distracting to read. I know in InDesign for instance, I can select different paragraphs in the same document and change the language so that spell check works on both. Can something like this be done in DT? I dont necessarily need spell check in German, though it would be nice, but it would be great to not spell check the German and have the whole paragraph be underlined in red—it’s very hard to read. Or if I cant have 2 languages in one document, can each document be a different language?

The supported languages can be changed in System Preferences > Keyboard > Text > Spelling > Set Up…

thanks. for some reason, when I was testing something a while back, I changed it from a multi-language setup to english only, so I thought it had something to do with DT.