Changing underline color in PDF documents

Is there a way to change the color of an underline when annotating PDF documents within DEVONthink? Underline color can be set in apps like Preview, but I haven’t found a way to do it in DT.

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That’s not yet possible.

Just want to check if this is still the case?

Anything changed since 2011?

Trying to change underline/highlight colours, as activated by the toolbar icons - and cannot find an option to?

Preferences > Colors > Highlighting – click on any color and the OS X color picker will open to enable customization.

Thanks korm.

I set them up some time back (really useful that we can) - but what I’m specifically looking for, is the ability to change the default colours of these:

Mark Up icons - DTPO.png

The Highlight option on the left, I now realise - simply applies the last highlight colour used. Fair enough.

But the Underline option, underlines in black. I’d prefer RED, or even better - to be able to select the colour used… No idea where that can be changed?

Why it is not possible to change the color of underline from black to red (as the icon suggests) at minimum? :imp:

Could you please add this functionality. Please make it easy to use different underlining colors after each other. I personally use a highlighting system with different colors of full highlighting and underlining as a means of analyzing texts. (I know of possibilities of using DEVONthink in combination with other tools, but integration would be most welcome.)

Same request here. Black underlines are difficult to distinguish from original text underlines.
If it is not possible for the moment to let the user change the color, then I would suggest that the people at Devon change the underlines to red.

In DTTG it is possible to change the color of the Underline.
I think it might be a good moment to introduce this in DT as well.


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Ten years in the making, is it possible yet to change the underline color of text in DEVONthink on the desktop by chance?

+100 (re:underline color)