Chaotic Start and many questions


Been using DTPO for about a week now and immensely enjoying this software.

Obviously I want to build on good foundations and therefore would like to ask the following:

What are remote db’s? I have done a lot of name changing of db’s via Database Properties menu option and somehow I have ended up with the 9 I wanted as locals and 4 other (earlier names) as ‘remote’. All my db’s are currently open.

I will add that in the very beginning I put all the db’s in a folder inside the user directory (if that’s the right term), then later I just let them scatter in the user directory, counting on the dtBase2 suffix to identify them. I also changed quite a few db names in the Finder window, only later using the Database Properties menu. Wondering whether any of that would have messed things up?

In terms of actual difficulties I am having:

There is a particular PDF of a book which crashes DTPO every time I have tried to put it in DTPO. I have tried using the services menu from the PDF, the import menu from within DTPO and the sorter, crashes every time. I have imported various other PDF’s with no problem so far.

Any feedback appreciated.


In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug and we’ll handle things from there.

Will do thank you.