Charachter Sets

Importing mail from Apple Mail with the new DTPO works very nicely except that emails with Cyrillic (windows) encode do not import correctly and appear a garbage.

Are you using our Mail plugin or not? If you do it should work and if it doesn’t please archive that message from within Mail (do a Save As… and select raw source) and send that file to

If you use the AppleScript interface (you get that when you choose not to install our plugin) and the original email was 8-bit encoded (Outlook on Windows has a tendency to do so for ISO-Latin? encodings) then I cannot guarantee it will work because there are too many junctions in the path from the original message to our software were the encoding can (and probably will) be broken.

Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to send that original message in its raw form to us. Also, please write what OS you’re using and what your default system language is.


I sent an email with raw source of my message. Hope this will help to solve it.

Forgot to mention that OS is 10.4.8 on PPC.
Default language is US English
And I was using the plugin, or specifically, plugin installed and was using import Email from File menu in DevonThinkPro, importing mailbox, not single message. Most of the messages in that mailbox are Cyrillic (windows) and all showed up as garbage after import.