Charset encoding problem?

I’m running DTP 1.3b3 under OSX 10.5.2 and all my texts, in Portuguese, are missing a couple of characters after characters with diacritical marks. The texts are a mess.
Thank you.

That’s a pre-Leopard version of DT Pro. Apple made changes in text when Leopard was introduced.

You need to immediately download the current version of DT Pro, 1.5.2 (for DT Pro Office, the current version is You may need to experiment with text encoding of your files. Try UTF-8 or Western (Roman), instead of Automatic encoding in Preferences > Import.

the latest version solved the problem, though I had to download it manually from the Devon site, because the software update option on 1.3b3 always reported it as the latest version. Also, if anybody else has this problem be sure NOT to save your file(s) before updating, saved ‘garbled’ files (for instance if you try solving the problem through conversion to simple text and rtf) will remain ‘garbled’ after the update.
best regards, j