"Check File Integrity" Rationale in DT 3.8

I added 12 PDF to a previously empty indexed folder from a existing indexed database. Now, when I run “Check File Integrity” from File menu, I get “Invalid File Integrity etc” error for 6 of them. Then I’ve done an “Update Indexed Items” with the offending folder selected. After doing that, the error persists.
I have compared the files with the original ones and they are binary identical from the ones I have in my NAS.

Documentation says that on indexed files, if files have been modified externally, a “Update Indexed Items” should be done, but that does not solves anything. Verify and Repair does not report anything.

To resolve the issue, I had to delete the files from DT, then empty the Trash, and copy over the files.

My questions is how this new checksum thing works with indexed files.

Please see if this behavior is in any way reproducible. Yours is the only such report we’ve had.

Was this a cloud folder?

Yes, it is a 3rd level folder inside iCloud Drive.

Just now I’ve discovered that only 6 of the 12 files appear in my DTTG. iCloud Drive has all 12 files but in database only appears 6, and when I added a second time yesterday, I saw all 12 files indexed in Mac, but today this morning I only see 6 in my DTTG (I cannot reach that Mac now, it is at home and I’m at office now). Will check when at home the original DB.

(To avoid duplicates and so, what I do now for indexed files is enable sync database only in one Mac and left the others auto-update (or manually) the databases without sync. That Mac is my “server” or “master” device for sinchronization --My MacBook Air M1).

Are you able to reproduce this? Are the files always locally available?

No and yes, respectively.

Now at home, DT contains the 12 files and does not complain about CRC anymore, but my iPad mini has 7, my iPhone 8 and my iPad M1, 6.

After that I’ve deleted the 12 files from iCloud, refreshed the folder inside DT and waited until synchronised and all iOS instances showed 0 files in that folder. Added one more time the 12 files in the indexed folder out of DT (DT recognised them almost immediately), waited new sync and now all seems ok.

Will post here to your attention if the issue reproduces or I can reproduce by any manner.

Hmm… definitely seems local as I can’t reproduce the issue here so far.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. We can look at the logs and see if there’s anything useful. Thanks.

Just sent.