Check if file exists in Siri Shortcut

I’m trying to setup a Siri Shortcut that would create a text file with the current date as it’s title - but only if it doesn’t already exist. If the file already exists, I simply want to append to that file.

For more background on what I’m trying to do - I like to rapid log using a Bullet Journal. What I’d like to do is setup some commands like “log note”, “log event”, or “log task” that would append to a text file in DT. This file would just be a plain text file, with a title of the current days date (so I keep a separate log file for each day I take logs).

The problem is that I can’t find a way to check if this file already exists in DTTG in the Shortcuts app - I can only create a new file each time. Is this possible to do?

Has anyone already solved this problem?


I’m more familiar with Shortcuts as a user than creator
I know you can retrieve Devonthink notes by title
You can also count the number of items retrieved
If zero items, create the note

Thanks, Jim. But how is the shortcut constructed?

Since it’s unclear if you have an existing format and naming convention, I will spare you the actual shortcut. :slight_smile:

This is the DEVONthink Shortcut action used for searching…