Checkable folders


I’ve just downloaded DT Pro Office Public beta 8. I have a lot of checkable folders in my database for to do lists, but now they are not checkable anymore. Is it a bug or a new feature ? Do I have to use RTF files for to do lists now ?
Thanks for your help.

Any item can now be checked/flagged via the State column (see menu View > Columns > …) which is available in list/three pane/split/column views.


I have the same issues here.
I use normaly the Split view. Now i cannot see anymore if a folder is marked “checked” or “unchecked”.
That is quite annoying since i saw with one glance, if there was something checked or not.
You can see in the other Views if an Item is checked or not but it is not very intuitiv because there is a spatial gap between the Item and the flag.

Can you please bring back that feature for the folders (groups).


Just enable the State column if necessary and there will be a flag if items are checked.

I agree with Alexander. I miss the checkable icon too. I could see at a glance if an item was a group, a file or a simple outliner note.

[size=85](Déjà vu)[/size]