Checkbox List / Markdown issues in DT 3.6.3

Loving the support for checkbox lists in Markdown documents.

Unfortunately there seems to be quite a few scenarios that are not yet being rendered correctly (uppercase/lowercase X makes no difference):

Also, with v3.6.3, I am seeing an error popup every time I create a new Markdown document:


Only simple lists are currently supported, a future release might extend this.

Do you use any smart rules executing a script? Because this looks like an AppleScript error and creating a new Markdown document does not use AppleScript on its own.

Hi @cgrunenberg, you are right, there is a smart rule involved, my bad - sorry for the false alarm.

About the lists themselves:

  • It seems odd that single-level lists with links as items are not being rendered correctly, I.e. that the list item content would have such a strong impact.
  • As an interim solution, would it be possible to have nested lists rendered “the old way”? I have many lists like this, with nested check lists or check lists at the top level and per-item sub-lists. I mainly use other Markdown renderers for visualization; in DT it was ok when they were rendered verbatim. Now, as a one-line concatenation of the sub-items, they have become rather hard to read…


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Hi Ionos I cannot get any markdown checkboxes to render at all, any tips to get them to render? the rendered view looks the same as source for me.

Are you using DT 3.6.3?

3.6.2 actually, I will update as now see there is an update, thanks for pointing that out!

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It should work once you’ve done that :slight_smile:

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The next release will handle all these cases.

That great news, thank you @cgrunenberg .

And my apologies for asking for the arm after having been offered a hand …


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Will it be possible to make the checkboxes ‘checkable’ in preview mode?

They are checkable but the state isn’t preserved when saving or navigating away fom the document.
Checking them in the source is required.

No, it’s just a preview.

Given that the representation is not a check box (as in HTML), this would only be possible with extra JavaScript. Also, this will not be propagate back to the source of course.

If you need that, you need another format. Or another software.

Sorry, I was looking at an HTML file with an input.

Thanks Christian. I’d just like to say how much I appreciate the extra Markdown support. I don’t want or expect a full-fledged Markdown editor, and I’m already able to do 90% of my Markdown writing within DEVONthink. But the new tools – especially highlight – are welcome, and I’m looking forward to that Table button coming to life…

FWIW, I managed to stop checkboxes rendering by placing them after an unescaped <, which itself displayed just fine.

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I’m also really grateful for the new Markdown tools. Has simplified my life significantly!