I was wondering if the whole checkbox set up could be looked into?
The functionality is very basic!

When I hover over a checkbox I get a selection tool as opposed to a pointer…which seems like a bug?
But the real problem for me is is in a list…for example I have a packing ‘going away’ list which I use every few days. Once I tick all my check boxes I want to select them all and untick them. At the moment I have to go to each one and untick it…before ticking it again! A select all-untick functionality please!

But hey, as a relatively new user that’s a pretty small gripe. I am really loving Devon Think. It has become part of my digital life. Thanks.

Yes, checkbox functionality is new and simple. It’s on our list of things to do but not the highest priority at this moment.

Thanks Jim

I’d also like to put a vote in for rich checklist functions.

I’d love a show only checked items and show only unchecked items options.

Checkboxes are a very useful thing for me as well. However, I don’t mind at all having to use a formatted note instead of an RTF. One thing that would be great for me is if they worked like Apple Notes. You insert a checkbox, type your label, then, when you hit enter, it inserts another checkbox.

Also, the label being inserted along with the checkbox seems clunky to me. I, personally, would rather have the checkbox be placed “naked”, without the label. I always delete too many characters and remove the checkbox I just places along with the label.

Just my 2 cents. Not sure where I would be without DevonThink. Keep up the good work.