Checklist before updating to latest Dropbox version

I’ve read the threads here about the latest Dropbox version for Ventura eating your children, or at least your indexed files…

I do index some files which are stored in Dropbox, and I sync the DT databases with a couple of iPads (using iCloud Cloudkit, not Dropbox). Could I just check that the following steps are the only things I need to do to stop any problems? (After backing up, of course…)

  1. Turn off automatic syncing in DT3 to ensure that no changes happen till I’m ready.

  2. Install the new version of Dropbox and wait for it to automatically move the contents to ~/Library/$NEWDROPBOX or wherever…

  3. When it’s complete, symlink the new location back to ~ using the terminal withln -s ~/Library/NEWDROPBOX ~/Dropbox.

  4. Turn automatic back on in DT3 and test.

Does that cover everything?

(I prefer symlinking to physically changing the paths in DT3, because I use the terminal a lot and already symlink most of the main iCloud Drive folders into ~/ anyway.)

Many thanks!

Please disable also the option to sync on quit/deactivation. In addition, all computers should use the same Dropbox version and same Dropbox folder, a mixed installation is not recommended.

Thanks, Cris!

I shall do that.

I only have one Mac at the moment, so the only syncing I do is for DTTG on the two iPads. Obviously I have Dropbox on those devices as well, and presumably this won’t be the same version as the Mac.

Does that affect anything at all?

Thanks again!

FYI, might also want to have a read of Dropbox’s upgrade instructions, at Dropbox support for macOS FAQs - Dropbox Help

Explains what they will do to your account and setup.

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Thanks! I shall do that…

Indexed items are not handled on iOS like on the Mac, therefore the iPads don’t matter.

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Great – thanks, Cris.