Chinese OCR (scanning Chinese documents)

I’m looking for possibilities to do mandarin OCR in DT. Any suggestions, workarounds, future updates with this feature, …?

(I know that ABBY supports mandarin OCR since 9.0 - can I buy their Asian language add-on and bind it to DT? How?)

Thanks for any ideas …

In DEVONthink V3 we support Chinese Simplified and Standard languages. For Mandarin you would set the OCR to language Chinese Standard, and for Cantonese use Chinese Simplified.

I tried OCR of Traditional Chineses today. The accuracy impressed me a lot.

Welcome @vierylin

Thanks for the feedback. That’s very good to hear! :slight_smile:

Now I am fans of Devonthink and start to introduce to my friends.
It is now my main tool of my workflow.
Though, the learning resource written in Traditional Chinese was only few.
I will try to share my experience and workflow.