chm support

A great many references/ebooks are stored in chm format. This is of course glorified html (compressed HTML Help metafile) which there are open source libraries for dealing with these file types. It would be VERY nice if DT would support this file format in the future. It is not incredibly advantageous to have to convert hundreds of chm files to pdf in order to get them into DT, especially when files continued to be available in chm format – which makes it remain a painful process, since I can externally view them [as-is] through DT, but this does not help with indexing and searching. Another alternative is to use a free program called chmdump to spew out a few hundred html files per chm, but this also can get rather messy. Is this a worthy request?

Thank you for the suggestion. Importing .chm files is currently targeted for DT 2.0 but if you could send us some example files (and maybe some links pointing to documentation etc.), maybe we’ll add this to a 1.9.x (x>2) release.

I have to second the request… I’m testing out DevonThink but I have so many books in .chm format that it might be a deal breaker for me…

Anyone came up w/ a good conversion routine. script or something similar?

Hopefully this feature will be available before version 2. :slight_smile:

Regarding links, I use Chamonix:

I just searched for .chm samples on the web and found this one: … ok_5.1.chm

I hope this helps.

Wow, I just noticed that the original request is from 2 years ago!!!

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

True, but 2 years ago I don’t think I had such a great handle on how to use DEVONthink. It is far more advantageous to store text selections from the chm into DT then it is to store entire chm (ebook) files. I have never followed up on the request for this reason – you are actually poisoning your knowledge base by jamming entire volumes of which only an infinitely small subset of information from them you actually care about. If you want a pure search index I suggest you use the mdimporter from the Chimp chm viewer package.

I agree to a degree about poisoning the knowledge base.
In my case, I already have my databases arranged by topic, and have created separate databases for each topic. I have them setup that way too in the Finder, using descriptive folders and subfolders.

In terms of wokflow, it would be easier (and faster) for me to be able to identify in Devon Think Pro all of the material I have already separated and classified, as well as being able to get a ‘quick glimpse’ into the actual document.

For now I have to go back to the Finder to see whether I have .chm files in the respective folder, and if so, I use Chamonix to view the document.

I’ll give Chimp a try. Thanks for the suggestion.
Once I move on to another stage (e.g., fine-tuning my information, writing) I’ll probably just highlight the relevant text and capture it DTP, in a brand new database.

Thanks for your response.