Chrome Browser Extension: How to clip a complete pdf?

This thread illustrates the difficulty of accounting for strange behavior of an application, when others cannot duplicate the issue. Most Macs are configured similarly for Internet access, and the user is in control of the computer’s software and configuration. In this case, the issue showed up on a library computer, which may well be configured in a different way, and has a software environment unknown to and not controlled by the user. While we didn’t precisely determine the cause of the reported issue (that would take still more specific information), the information that it was a library computer was important.

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No, for the record: It didn’t show up on a library computer. It showed up on my personal Macbook, as I was working in the library, using the library’s wifi. (How would a library computer have my DevonThink installed, anyway…???)

But still, this is of course a possible source of the problem that I hadn’t considered so far - because in usual browsing there have never been any obstacles, even with more complex content items. Hadn’t thought about the possibility that DT might import pdf files using some non-standard procedures.