Chrome extension web clipper: about:blank#blocked

I keep getting this message … about:blank#blocked … in the URL bar when attempting to save web pages into Devonthink Beta 3.

This is site-specific in Chrome.
Please provide a URL to test.

one example is:

I am seeing no issue with that URL.

Does the problem perist after rebooting the machine?

yes, still happening after reboot

I would try clipping it in another browser, like Safari.

Might some other Chrome extension(s) be interfering? Perhaps test in a new profile with only the one for DEVONthink installed?

i’ve used Devonthink + Chrome in V2, no problems - i.e. there’s a new bug introduced in V3.

No more workaround suggestions please

I tried to clip ur suggested URL with Chrome Ver 75.0.3770.100 and MacOS 10.14.5 and have no issue in clipping to the inbox or any other group.
So normally the suggestion is (1) use another computer with Chrome and DT3b3 installed to test again, or (2) disable some extensions in the current computer. if (1) and (2) is not feasible (may not have DT3 or too many extensions):
Then (3) you may want to PM the developer on what extensions have you installed so that they can mimic ur setup for testing.
Just a suggestion for more efficient bug-reporting and testing and solving ur issue. And ur info provided will help all other users in the next beta, too.

Disclaimer: I am not technical savvy, you may need to provide more info to the developer.

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