Chrome web clipper not saving to pdf but instead saves as a website

and not any of the images unless I click on the website link.
I have it in the PDF format and it does this regardless of whether it is in one page or paginated. And although I am in Chrome, the webclipper always saves it as a safari website link. I have Catalina and have tried rebooting, but it doesn’t seem to help. It does this on both my desktop and laptop.

I have DevonThink Pro - here are some of the links:



A screenshot of the Info inspector of the created items would be more useful, thanks.

Thank you for looking at this for me!

Was anything logged to Windows > Log while clipping?

Yes and the window info says it is a bookmark although, see below, it does this even when the webclipper is set for pdf, either paginated or one page:

Does this happen only in case of this website or always? Does changing the settings (e.g. disabling clutter-free) make a difference?

Thank you!
Yes, unchecking clutter-free seems to have done the trick,
as it was happening in all the web clippings.
I really appreciate your help!

Do you know why it was clipping everything to a safari webpage when I was in chrome?

Thanks again,

What exactly do you mean with “to a Safari webpage”?

First thank you so much - my we clipper is now saving beautiful, clear images again!

Second, what I mean is that I was in chrome, using a chrome web clipper, but when I opened up my Devonthink databse the clipped item would show up as a Safari link - please see the screenshot below.

I would love to be able to have my links open up in chrome rather than safari - any way to make that happen? Thank you!

You could change the default app for .webloc files in the Finder.