Citations, Matching and Article Database management

For a couple of years I have been using DT to sort out my scientific articles, and was happy to have advanced content search. But recently I have been introduced to Papers, whose functionality includes the retrieval of citations entries (bibtex style) in an awesome process called ‘matching’.

It feels to me that you could increase your market share if said functionality were added (downloading and attaching citations) to current versions.

In DT it seems to me that there are many ways to do this. I may elaborate if there is interest.


I very much like to second this.

I switched from papers. Collecting, organizing, annotating, analyzing information in devonthink is so much better… However, the matching feature in papers is great.

I general, bibliography management and the possibility to export to endnote, bookends etc. Would be fantastic!

All the best, and thanks for this great software!

A very useful addition could be the following:

Being in the results-window of an extended search (where many parts of many documents could be gathered), when I select and copy any part of text, the copied text to be followed by the “title” of the specific document where the copied text belongs.

So, when I will paste the selected text everywhere into my word processor, at text’s tail the “title or URL” will appear (say as a kind of citation).

Such a convenience will make the “many search results mess” a lighter task and it will tremendously accelerate the whole job.