I get the mentioned Error with -Request failed with http status code 400- using Cloudkit for sync,is this related to the unstable Apple Cloud or is this something else. This happens on Macbook, Ipad and Iphone.

Thanks for help.

Michael R.

The exact same happens with my M1 MacBook Air. And on my iPad/iPhone I can’t access files, which hadn’t already been downloaded to DTTG. All devices running the latest OSs. What’s going on?

Ask Apple as the error message is from them, per my understanding.

If you are are more interested in using DEVONthink, then best to use an alternative syncing service, or Bonjour.

For me the error message didn’t convey that it was an Apple issue, so couldn’t just go and ’ask Apple’. However, now everything seems to be working again, so apparently it was an iCloud issue as you said.

There are so many posts here about that error message (and other similar), along with many posts of ‘issues’ with Apple and their iCloud/Cloud Kit services.

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No doubt if you frequent the site which I don’t. When I came to the site after noticing the problem, the OP was the topmost post describing exactly the issue I was having, so I replied to it.