Clarification of Import Preferences

In my import preferences, I have checked “inbox of current database”. Prior to an import I may have been working with one of my groups in the particular database. So when I import, what I’m expecting is that the imported files go to the inbox in that database. Instead, what happening is that the import is going to the group in that database that I was last working in.

A moment ago, I changed my import preference to global inbox. I then clicked on the group in the data base that I was ultimately going to put the imported files. I imported the files, and they were deposited in that particular group in that particular database, as opposed to the global inbox.

So it appears that regardless of my preference, if I have a group selected in either of my databases, the imported files will go to that group, rather than an inbox. Is that how it’s supposed to be? If not, how do I correct that?

The three options at Preferences > Import - Destination should operate as described.

“Inbox of current database” should send new content to the Inbox of the frontmost database.

“Global Inbox” should send new content to the Global Inbox.

“Select group” should result in a HUD that allows the user to choose any group in any open database as the destination.

If the chosen option isn’t working, perhaps there’s a stuck cache. Click on the DEVONthink application name in the menubar and choose Empty Cache, then restart the computer.

Hi Bill:

Tried your suggestions, empty cache, restart computer. Went to preferences, check global inbox. Then I clicked on a group in one of my databases. Went to import. The file was deposited in the group. Empty cache, restart again. Tried changing destination preference. Each time it goes to a group that I have selected. Also selected the inbox in one of my databases. It’s the only time it will go to that inbox.

Any other thoughts?

BTW I’m importing from Dropbox if that makes any difference.

How are you importing? Describe what you do to make a capture to a database.

Preference 'Inbox of current database". I select the current database (I have 2) and select a group that I would want the files in if it does not go to the current database. Then file>import>files and folders. Select file>open. Instead of going to the current database, it goes to the group.

Change preferences to “global inbox”. I’ve left the same database open, with the same group open. File>import>files and folders. Select files>open. Again, it goes to the group rather than global inbox.

Next, with preference at "global inbox’, and global inbox selected, File>import>files and folders>select file>open. The files goes to tags under the global inbox, in it’s alphabetical order.

With “global inbox” in preferences, then selecting a database and it’s inbox. Then file>import>files and folders>file>open. This time it goes to the database inbox.

Thanks for any help.

Working as it should. With any of of those Preferences Destination settings, the File > Import > Files & Folders command has let you capture into the database and group that has the current focus. You are working within DEVONthink, and your focus among databases and groups is the destination controller.

But what if you were capturing by using a script or Service? Suppose you select a portion of a Web page in Safari and press Command-) to capture it as rich text. Where will it go? The answer is that it will follow the setting you have made in Preferences > Import - Destination:
Global Inbox: the new document will be sent to the Global Inbox
Inbox of current group: it will be sent to the Inbox of the frontmost database
Select group: the HUD will pop up, allowing user choice of destination among open databases

Most of the time, I have the destination set as Select group.

Thanks for all your help Bill. I appreciate it.