Classify across multiple open databases?


I have multiple databases setup (Home, Business A, Business B, Business C) and use DT to store all documents, invoices, etc. For home and business documents.

I originally had them in a single large (>5GB) database but decided to split those into databases now for each entity. My question is when I scan things they will go into the globals database, but I’d like the “see and classify” tool (magic hat) to consider classifications across all the open databases?

Is this possible?



I’m 99% sure that is not possible. I’m using DTPro 2.4.3.

See and classify only has vision for the database from where you opened the little magic hat.

Devananda is correct. Currently this operates on the active database alone.

I guess I will go back to single database then. Otherwise hard to scan stack of documents and auto classify them where they needed to go.

Any other suggestions in work flow?


A good workflow is to utilize one of the templates under Data>New from Template

There are few interesting ones like the Library of Congress or Dewey Decimal System.

Basically they are a series of predefined folders structured in a tight hierarchy.

I mainly use this for scanning documents. So, I was referring to how to effectively scan documents and make sure they are classified in the right place. It seems that the best way to do this is to make sure they are all in the same database.