Classify based on tags using Applescript

Is it possible to get the first tag suggested by “Classify” based on tags? There is the classify Applescript command, but there seem to be no options whether classification is based on content, tags and if it’s global or based on the current database

The results are actually groups (and maybe group tags depending on the settings).

The record’s database is always used.

As there radio buttions with “Based on Tags” and “Based on Content” which yield different results - is it possible to get these results also via Applescript?

That’s not supported currently, the classify command is basically the same since DEVONthink Pro 1.0 :slight_smile:

Can I submit a feature request for getting the difference between ‘based on tags’ and ‘based on content’? That would be very helpful!

We’ll consider this for future releases.

I’ve been digging a bit more into the classify command - from what I can see the “See Also & Classify” inspector pane results are quite different from the Applescript command. E.g. for bookmarks there are no classify results while there are results displayed in the inspector pane. From what I understand this is expected because the Applescript classify methode is implemented different right?

The difference is that the inspector uses the preview of the bookmark if available. Without a preview the inspector doesn’t show any results either (as bookmarks don’t have any indexed contents).

The next release will support classify & see also AppleScript results based on tags.


That’s really terrific @cgrunenberg - thanks a bunch!