Classify/See Also wrongly assigning high scores


For a short while now my classify&see also seems to be broken. The effect is that any markdown document regardless of content will see very high “related” scores for two folders somewhere in a hierarchy of watched folders. (See the screenshot). It’s the same two folders for any markdown document and each of the folders just contains one pdf file. Other documents that are not markdown are not classified as related to these folders.

As a consequence of this, classify suggests to put most markdown documents to the folder containing these two folders. I can trigger higher scores, though. If a folder contains several duplicates of a given markdown file then classify might see a higher score for the folder with the many duplicates than for the folder “F” (containing Fulman and Favacchio).

What can I do to fix this?

Are there any similar documents in these groups?

Do you mean in “Fulman” and “Favacchio”? Each contains one pdf file but the contents of the pdf files are not very similar. The pdf files are on the internet (papers on arXiv) but I can’t include the links here. (Account too young).

Please send the links to cgrunenberg - at - - thank you!

Thank you for the links! The upcoming maintenance release will fix this.

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Yes, 3.6 behaves as expected.