Classify without unifying inboxes and tags

If you don’t set the unification of inboxes and tags you run the risk that the classify function on an item in the inbox doesn’t work (doesn’t give consistent results?).

This is actually just a sidebar option but doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) affect functionality or databases. Screenshots would be useful, thanks.

So, if I understand correctly, when an item is in the inbox, Devonthink searches for (and suggests) the group it thinks is most relevant among all the ones in the open databases, and it relies solely on document text analysis and tags to work this way. Right? (I’m sorry, but from where I’m writing - a pc where I don’t have DevonThink - I can’t take screen shots)

This depends on the settings of the inspector - either tags or contents are used, just like the scope is either the current database or all of them.

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