classifying and moving vs replicating/duplicating

I’m new to the classify and see also buttons being useful, but why when I chose classify, my option is the move the document to another folder? Can’t I replicate or duplicate it? If so, how? thanks

The multi-functioned Classify / See Also drawer is tricky, like some this attempted explanation of it will be:

After opening the drawer, a control-click on an item in it displays a contextual menu with actions to perform on that selected item, not the original document you’ve selected. If you select multiple items then some of the actions in the contextual menu can behave unexpectedly (like Reveal) or not at all. I ask myself “huh?” at that point.

And with multiple groups selected (after opening the drawer with the Classify button), its Move button will move a replicated instance of the originally selected item into each of those groups. But I haven’t found a way to duplicate it to other group(s), or replicate it without moving it from its original group.

In summary, there are many combinations of selections and actions related to that drawer yet it seems to omit something you (and I) are looking for that would seem intuitive in that context. It’s one of the parts of DT’s interface that I’ve long hoped will be redesigned. Or, at least get more mastery of it than I’ve had until now.