Cleaning up text from PDFs

One thing that I do constantly when copying text from a PDF into, e.g., Bookends, for later pasting into DT Pro, is to use the Format services to clean up the text. That involves:
Selecting the text
Switching to Bookends
Going to the Bookends > Services > Format > Remove Line Endings
Reselecting the text
Going to the Bookends > Services > Format > Remove Multiple Spaces

Does anyone else do this? Is there a quicker way to do it?

You might try the Reformat service but the results vary depending on the copied text.

Oh, I’d never noticed that service, even though it’s the first one in the Format menu!

I’m guessing AppleScript wouldn’t work well for running the 2 services because you’d have to find a way to reselect the text after the 1st service?

That’s right. And the only way to access services via AppleScript is probably via GUI scripting which isn’t reliable in my experience.

This may not be helpful, but I paid for the Clipmate application. It adds numerous right-click options to selected text, one of which is to unwrap text and strip it of styles. So I would paste the text from the PDF into Bookends, then select the text in Bookends, right-click to select the unwrap option, and Bob’s your uncle.

It sounds interesting but the Clipmate I found looks like it’s Windows only.