Cleaning up the "invisible text" — is it possible?

I am playing around with DTP Office and really like it so far. One thing I was wondering about are mistakes in the “invisible text” layer. Is there a way to fix mistakes? I know about the fuzzy search and it works really well, but would still like to be able to do this.

It would be great to be able to do it in the “words” drawer, since this is where I have noticed the problems. Often it is one word consistently OCR’d the same way (albeit incorrectly). If it could be changed there, that would be very good.

At the moment you cannot change this. Changing this would require editing PDFs (a non-trivial endeavour).

Basically the OCR is fire-and-forget to keep it simple, we didn’t want to recreate ReadIRIS. So for specific OCR applications where you need more control, we’d refer you to that platform.