Cleansing databases

With the advent of new data protection legislation in the EU (GDPR), there is a requirement to set a retention period for sensitive information. I thought it would be good it there were a script to do this in DEVONthink.
In my organisation we have retention period of 6 years; it would be great if a script ran every month, searched through all databases and moved all items more than 6 years old to trash (perhaps ignoring folders with a leading $ sign or some such thing).
The items in trash could then be reviewed before final deletion.
I think this might be very useful for EU users and I wonder if it should be part of the standard DT suite of scripts. Sadly I am not adept at scripting, perhaps someone else might pick it up?

Thanks for the suggestion! A future release will support such actions by setting up the desired rules, scripting won’t be necessary anymore.

Great, thanks.
Please remember to include the ability to skip certain folders though or there might be chaos!


On reflection, it might be better to use a tag to skip automatic deletion. I don’t know why I suggested a folder as I tend to use tags to organise things rather than folders.
Others might prefer folders though.