Clearing Highlight?

I have started highlighting text in rich text notes. But I can figure out how to unhighlight text. Am I staring at it and just not seeing it?

Choose highlight Off

Took me a while, with Joe Kissell’s help, to figure this out: select the highlighted text again, then control-click on it to make the (long!) contextual menu appear, and toward the bottom you’ll see what is above.

Or, access the Editing Bar by clicking on the icon that (with a microscope) can be seen to consist of a pen, ruler, and brush, at the R end of the main bar in some views. The icon will turn blue and the Editing Bar will appear which has various buttons including one that is an “A” on a gray square with a tiny downward facing triangle indicating the presence of a pull-down menu. That pull-down menu also contains the highlight colors including “Off”.

You can select the text and press Shift-Command-L, assuming the current highlight color is the same.

PS: Selecting the highlighted text isn’t required when using the contextual menu item. You just need to click in a highlighted section.

Thanks all.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: