Clearing "new" items on threads

Is there any way to access all of the newly posted items available since the last logon?  I start by reading the “10 most recent posts” but this does not clear the “New” logo on the individual threads.  It is time consuming to go thru each page to find them and then have to open and close each page. ???

Unfortunately not (but we will probably switch to another forum software this year). Easiest solution currently is likely to check the date of the threads on the index page, open the threads in different tabs and to use "Mark all topics as read" on the index page.

Ahh, I’m quite interested in which software you’re considering.  It actually ties in with the (misplaced) post I just wrote in the Memory usage thread before reading this one.

I think it would be cool if certain types of information discussed on the forum (e.g. tips & tricks) could be conveniently copied or linked to from off-forum resources.  Seems the best you can do is use URLs to specific forum posts/threads tho’ that can easily become tedious.

I’ve wondered if some sort of forum/weblog/wiki system for group communication might be worthwhile.  I haven’t see anything quite like that (and admit my limitations on where to look) tho’ it may be too ambitious here anyway.

Over a few months last year I wrote extensively (seriously, tho’ informally) about various pros/cons of forum participation as I experienced and observed them (on many levels).  I’m still intending to distill that into something that may be coherently interesting to someone.

And a lighter way of summarizing forum experiences some of us may have had is expressed in How many forum members does it takes to change a light bulb?. :slight_smile:

We will use a standard forum software (based on MySQL - can’t remember the name at the moment, I’ll have to ask the webmaster :wink:) as there’s no time to develop a unique solution.  Currently the easiest way to scan the forum is probably to use DEVONagent.

One feature I really like in FUDforum that I haven’t found in other popular forum software is the ability to easily browse content of all unread messages, not simply their topic titles. That’s a very useful way to quickly catch up with old items when returning to a forum you’ve been away from for awhile. Other forum software makes the assumption that you’ll be a frequent visitor in order to “keep up”.

I’m not necessarily advocating FUDforum but its “Shows Unread Messages” is the single most useful and appreciated feature of any forum software I currently use. I hope other forum software developers eventually implement similar functionality when they realize its value, especially for infrequent visitors.

edit: Oh, I just noticed this feature is close to what Allan was hoping existed here so that makes at least two of us who’d use it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider this software (as we haven’t choosen one software yet - just checking the possibilities)