Clicking html link in markdown preview does not work


When I create an HTML link in a markdown document, it works fine in the Source view. However, as soon as I switch to the Preview view, that link does not work at all. I can’t even right click and Open Link, which I can also do in the Source view. I cannot figure out why this is. An email link works fine in Preview, but not an HTML link.

E.g., Google as seen in Source mode works fine for me to click the link. When I go to Preview mode and see just the “Google” as a clickable “link,” nothing at all happens when I click it. And when I hover over it, nothing shows up in the path bar above it, such as if I hover over the email link it would show something like “”.

Any way to fix this, or what am I missing? Thanks.

Post your example code.

# Test 5



It appears I need the “http” bit for it to work…

Well, it’s not an URL without the protocol. What do you expect?

Hell if I know. But it isn’t required in source mode, so I assumed it wouldn’t be required in preview mode.

I have no idea what source mode does. But an URL requires a protocol (mostly https, nowadays, but it could be a lot of other things, too). And preview mode shows your document rendered as HTML, so links are a elements with an href attribute specifying the URL. And an URL requires a protocol. Always.