Clicking PDF link in DT3 browser is a reliable crasher

Reliably, if I visit a webpage within DT3 3.0.3, and the webpage contains a link to a PDF — not always indicated! — and I click on that link, DT3 crashes and leaves all the databases in an unstable state.

You should be reporting the crash in our support system.
Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Ah, okay, will do. It looked like the help docs suggested posting here first.

No worries!
I also have a suspicion what the crash is caused by, so a ticket will give me logs to look at. Thanks!

Is the Acrobat Internet plug-in installed on your computer?

I removed the Acrobat browser plugin, on @BLUEFROG ‘s suggestion, and have not had the behavior again. Thanks!

The Acrobat browser plugins have been obnoxiously problematic for years.

I have the same problem on DT 3.0.4. I submitted a bug report which included a text document with the pdf link.

@mikejm Did you try completely removing your Acrobat browser plugin?

After removing the Acrobat plugins the crashes stopped.

Yep. The Acrobat plugins have been problematic on Macs for years (and not just in DEVONthink).