Clip a clean article to Devonthink via Instapaper's text eng

If you like the Devonthink web clipper’s Archive option or bookmarklet, but would rather get rid of all the extraneous content (like ads, website header & footer) from an article before importing it into Devonthink, here’s a bookmarklet for you.

Unlike the other Instapaper solutions I found on the forum, it requires no configuration, RSS feeds, AppleScript, etc. Just drag the link below to your bookmarklets bar and use it to clip whatever page you want in one step. It’s just a slightly modified version of the Devonthink Archive Bookmarklet that passes the page through Instapaper’s text engine.

I couldn’t figure out how to post a bookmarklet here that could be easily installed, so go to the following page, then drag the bookmarklet to your bar from there:

Get the Archive via Instapaper bookmarklet

Here’s the source as well:


This is very useful. Thank you for sharing it!

Thanks so much. You’ve saved me a lot of time. :smiley:

Thanks for the useful bookmarklet! DEVONthink 2.2.1 will add an Instapaper option to the “Clip to DEVONthink” panel.

Thanks for this!

Any news on when the DT Extension for Safari will be fixed?

Version 2.2.1 will fix this and will be probably available later this week.

The new “Instapaper” format option in 2.2.1 does not appear to work. At least not for me. Also: could you add a Readability version?

I take it back: it works when clipping in PDF (paginated or unpaginated) or web archive form, but not for HTML pages or bookmarks.


Only PDF/Web Archive are currently supported.

Ah. In that case, lst me just beat the Readability horse again.

Although rich text captures of selected areas of a page have been my preferred capture mode for a long time (and I often use Safari’s Reader as a means of automatic text selection), I’m delighted by WebArchive captures in the new Instapaper mode of Clip to DEVONthink. Instapaper’s selection of article content on a page is generally better than Reader’s in comprehensiveness and formatting.

WebArchive capture of articles by Clip to DEVONthink with the box checked for Instapaper selection approach the compactness of rich text captures of the same material.

The only downside is that Clip to DEVONthink requires reloading of the page, so there’s a perceptible wait (with my slow satellite broadband) for the captured data to arrive in a DT database, by comparison to the instantaneous rich text capture of selected page content using the command ‘Command-)’.