Clip Directly to Group Instead of Inbox

Hopefully this is not a dumb question, but I am just learning how to use DevonThink (and there is a lot to learn)

From a website, I have got the “Clip to DevonThink” bookmarklet, which dumps the saved note/page to the global inbox. I also know that I can set up specific groups to “drop” selected text directly into using that slide out feature that is on the side of the screen (sorry I don’t know the name).

However, is there a way to specifically designate a group or subgroup on the fly? The ideal would be the ability to select the group/subgroup with the bookmarketlet, but I can’t seem to figure this out. Having a lot of groups would make the drop device on the side pretty unpractical?

Also, can you set up a new subfolder in the process? If I am researching on the web clipping various paragraphs or snippets I want to save, it would be a huge time saver to be able to classify them at that time, instead of having to go back through them again later (I may forget why I clipped the phrase later).


In Preferences > Import - Destination choose the ‘Select group’ option.

Now in your Web browser, e.g., Safari, select text/images of a Web page and press the keyboard shortcut Command-) to clip the selected data and save it as a rich text document in DT Pro/Office.

Or, click on a bookmarklet to capture the page, e.g., as WebArchive.

A panel will appear that gives you the option to select the open database and group into which to store the new document. A new group or subgroup can be created at this time.

Thank you ---- that worked like a charm, even let me create a new group. Just what I was hoping for!

It is amazing how much there is to learn with this product.

Bill - I’d like to learn this helpful trick, too – but what exactly is that keyboard shortcut? Command…what?

Scratch that last query – I see now – the shortcut works in Safari but not in Firefox.