Clip in folder in DevonThink

The clipping option in DevonThink is very interesting BUT, the only way this works efficiently is that you can select the folder you want to put in the graphic/tekst or link.

How can we do that in DevonThink?

Unfortunately you have to choose the group for clippings (memos, web pages etc.) in the preferences. I wish for a better solution, either setting a clipping group for each database (database preferences in addition to application preferences) or each time when clipping (like with the contextual menu replicate to… etc.).

For the time being I get along quite well with a special group in the uppest level called “Clips” in my case. I have such a group in each of my 4 databases. When they grow too large, I export and import them into my main database and move the items wherever they need to be. A bit clumsy but reliable.