Clip to DEVONthink – "couldn't write clipped data..."

Anyone else seen this before?

Inside, select a PDF attachment, open it, share to “print”, pinch to zoom, share to DTTG3.
Met with this dialogue box, telling me I cannot write the clipped data, since I don’t have permission to access “Inbox”?

See attached screengrab. Have quit/restart DTTG3, and made sure all syncing/indexing in app was done – no difference.

Any suggestions?

Open it how?

By tapping on the PDF attachment in Then doing the iOS dance to “print” it, and finally trying to use the sharesheet (as one usually does?) to save/clip the “printed” PDF into DTTG3.

@BLUEFROG confirmed that:

  • Mail
  • Open PDF attachment
  • Pinch out
  • Share to DTTG

iPadOS 14.4.1

@Cassady I don’t think you need to pinch. Simply share the PDF immediately to DTTG. That doesn’t invoke the error on my device. The icon for,DTTG can be added in the share sheet if you don’t see it.

I.e. don’t do the tango but perform the quickstep :smiley:


Thank you – force of habit – clearly needed to let go of the Tango a while back! :laughing:

Sharing immediately without pinching works.

As a bonus: here’s another one you might find useful.

  • Open a (long) e-mail in iOS Mail (the e-mail, not the attachment)
  • Make a screenshot (device dependent button press)
  • Press the thumbnail in the corner
  • Choose ‘Full Page’ at the top of the screen
  • Share the way you like

(before sharing, at the bottom you can enable/disable annotations with your finger, choose to compress the PDF (I think) and/or move the menu to the side).

It’s not faster than the pinch route (more taps or clicks are required), but gives you extra options and it seems the PDF engine renders differently than the pinch (the text sometimes flows onto another page). This also works for (and was primarily designed for I think) full Safari webpages, Numbers, Pages and Maps. I haven’t tried Keynote, but it’ll probably work there as well.

I’ve personally created a Shortcut that asks for some document details like title and tags and subsequently adds the screenshot to a DTTG group.