Clip to DevonThink, etc. enhancement requests and thoughts

  • I request a setting that allows you to set a default new item type. Then, you can tap, or tap and hold to create that item type. You perform the opposite to get the menu.

  • I’d like a feature to convert items to other types. Specifically, web archives to PDF so I can mark them up.

  • I’d like to me to set a template for web capture. $date $title

  • I’d like to be able to capture directly to PDF, like for web pages.

  • I request that the Clip to DevonThink popup be larger so I don’t have to tap > to confirm or choose the format. And/or allow me to set a default format. I think a scrolling selector would be nice.

  • Initial thoughts is that clip is about twice as tedious as it needs to be.

  • Clip to DevonThink Body field is too small

  • When editing body, all other attributes below are covered by the keyboard. Keyboard needs a Done button, maybe? Only way to dismiss keyboard is to tap >. That means if I want to apply tags, flag, etc. I then need to tap back <.