Clip to Devonthink Keyboard Shortcuts?

I’m loving the new Clip to Devonthink feature of 2.0, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add more keyboard access to the feature. I can put it in my bookmark bar so that Cmd-1 launches it, but then I have to take my hands off the mouse to click what format I would like. Any chance of making those formats keyboard selectable?

I’m coming back to DTP after a long absence where I was using Yojimbo. DTP 2.0 is better than Yojimbo is almost every way, but I still like the Yojimbo quick entry feature, which can be controlled entirely by key commands. Anything you can do to keep my hands on the keys would be appreciated. Thanks.


Good suggestion!

Also, if possible, I’d prefer input focus to be in the NOTE field when the bookmarklet window opens. Or maybe in the TITLE field is better since it’s easy/natural to Tab “forward” to the NOTE field. Ah-ha …

As an alternative/workaround to adding unique shortcuts for selecting each format I just noticed [Shift-]Option-Tab can be used to select and navigate through them in Safari (when the “Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage” Advanced preference is disabled; the default).

Generally, in contexts when it can feel unnecessarily awkward to use the mouse, like to select fields/formats in the bookmarklet window.

Because of the web-widget nature of the “clip to” dialog, this might be all that’s possible. It makes me lean toward a dedicated clipping app connected with the sorter (eventually, guys, finish up the .0 release first!). The benefit with this is that it would work in other applications as well (see Omnifocus and Yojimbo). Don’t get me wrong, the clip-to feature is a big step forward and I like the sorter, but I prefer a keyboard-only approach where possible.


I noticed that on the on the Devon-Website there are standalone bookmarklets for each file type. Maybe they could do the trick:

Remember that the for plain text and rtf you can also use the Service menu Shortcuts.


Bookmarklets and other extras are also part of the downloadable disk image.

I have just added Command keyboard shortcuts to the Clip to DEVONthink bookmarklet. Press the Command key to see the shortcuts. In addition, the Escape key closes the bookmarklet now.

That was fast. Thanks!


Am I missing something? Adding bookmarklets to Safari allows the first 9 to be accessed with the keyboard shortcuts command 1-9. Beauty is that you can hide the bookmarks bar and it will still work, unlike Firefox! No need of special shortcuts.

That would be great, but I do have a few other bookmarklets I’d like to use as well. :slight_smile: Nice to have DTP consolidated in one.

What dougray (edit: and Greg_Jones) said. I’m not interested in assigning its Command-# bookmark bar shortcuts to DEVONthink functions.

What the OP was asking for, and what Eric has added to the Clip to DEVONthink bookmarklet, are command keys to control the window once it has already been activated. Bring up the bookmarklet, either via the menu or the command-number assigned in the Bookmarks bar, and then hold down the command key to see the shortcuts (Command-N to create a note, as one example).

Good clarification. Eric said he’ll investigate making input focus on the TITLE or NOTE field when the window becomes active; I think that would fit well with new keyboard shortcuts. Otherwise it appears like focus is still on Safari’s content window, at least until pressing the command key and seeing the shortcut keystrokes but that’s too subtle a clue where focus really is.

The Clip to DEVONthink bookmarklet not automatically focuses on the note area when activated. So you can start typing right away.

Almost. :slight_smile:
First time Clip to DEVONthink runs after loading a page I see the focus ring around the NOTE field but it doesn’t accept input. Next time it runs it’s possible to input.
There’s also a problem with longer pages scrolling, often to a new position, whenever the bookmarket runs.

Ok, I see. That’s a very very cool little way of doing it. That makes things so much faster.

Which browser do you use and could you please describe the scrolling problem with a bit more detail? :slight_smile:

Still Safari, now 4.0.2 on 10.5.8. For testing I’ve just been invoking the bookmarklet from a bookmark bar submenu. It would be harder to accurately describe the scrolling glitch than making a short screen demo video, which I’ll do later and post a link.