Clip to Devonthink no longer usable

Since the recent updates to DTPro and Devonthing to Go, I can no longer clip to ‘web archive clutter free’. On the handful of key websites where I usually do this I now get only very truncated content, only headers and so forth. I have been using this feature easily for the last two years with the same websites.

I understand that the clip to DT feature changed in the recent updates. Does anyone know if there is a way to select or change back to the previous functionality? As it is now I’m not able to use DTP for my main purpose.

Actually, we only changed Clip to DEVONthink in DEVONthink To Go, not in DEVONthink for Mac. Is the functionality broken in both?

Interesting. I noticed it in DEVONThink to Go but thought I saw the same in DTPro. I will try some more careful experiments. Thank you.

the handful of key websites

A few example URLs and the operating system you’re running could be useful.

Problems experienced in the desktop app were cured by a restart.

Experimented some more with DevonThink to Go. Usually I try to capture a web archive with ‘clutter free’ ticked. This no longer works reliably on a few web sites to which I often refer. Capturing to web archive without ‘clutter free’ does work however. Not sure whether it is something to do with the particular web sites but seemed to be coincident with update to DT to Go.

Tried with a range of other web sites and generally this works. For now, for the sites that cause problems, I capture the book mark and grab a web archive when I’m at the desktop in DTPro. On the desktop, the web archive ‘clutter free’ seems to work reliably with sites that don’t work on DT to Go.

More experimenting needed on my side.

We are currently investigating the effects on some changes we made to the sharing / clipping in DEVONthink To Go. Thanks for your patience and understanding.