Clip to DEVONthink: no PDF

I’ve installed the latest versions of DEVONthink Pro Office and the Safari extension Clip to DEVONthink (from the extensions repository, automatic installation from DEVONthink didn’t work) to my Yosemite MacBook Air like I did all the time since years. But when I try to clip a webpage as PDF, it just clips a bookmark to DEVONthink. I’ve tried rebooting my MacBook, I’ve installed both the extension and DEVONthink Pro Office again – nothing helps. On my other macs it works like it should – who can help?

Thank you in advance!

That’s an issue on El Capitan depending on system preferences. The next maintenance release will fix this, in the meantime just print PDFs to DEVONthink. This will also grab title & URL.

Alright, I will wait. Thank you!

Missing the convenience of the single button click.

Any update/work-around beyond using the round-about system print?


The next maintenance release will fix this and will be probably available later this month.