Clip to Devonthink produces instapaper, not pdf?

Very recently “Clip to Devonthink” from Safari has begun saving in a text-only format with “Instapaper” on top. I’ve never used Instapaper and don’t know why this is happening.

It used to produce a pdf that was a visual copy of the website I was viewing. This is what I wanted, and now I don’t know how to fix it.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Oh, now I see a checkbox for Instapaper in the Clip to Devonthink popup. I don’t know if that’s new, I hope it’s not checked by default?

Solved now I hope.

For completeness, the option is “Reformat with Instapaper”

the Clipper is using a “simplified text” service provided by Instapaper – it is not saving to Instapaper, it is merely using their software.

This is similar to the “Simplified article” option in the Evernote Clipper or the Reader View in Safari.