Clip to DEVONthink Safari 5 extension not working

I just installed it, but oddly for all the various tabs I had open, the only one it worked on is this forum. It didn’t work on LinkedIn or Travelocity or a couple of other sites I tried. When I say didn’t work, I mean nothing appears at all.

I have (the most current versions of) 1Password and Evernote and Glims plugins installed but no other extensions.

Incidently, the bookmarklet for clip to PDF stopped working on LinkedIn the other day. Only login page is captured… I suspect site changes as reported in the other thread on the New York Times. Surely there’s got to be a way to rewrite the plugins (bookmarklet, extension) to be able to obtain a valid login cookie? That’s beyond me though…

Re the issue of Bookmarklets capturing only the login screen on some sites. The Bookmarklets re-download the page, an example of dual access to the site by the user. The majority of sites allow that, but some restrict this, or completely disallow it.

If the Bookmarklets were modified to “hand a cookie” to the offending site, that still wouldn’t result in anything but a copy of the login page on many sites, such as my bank’s site, which doesn’t allow dual access by the user. This is also pretty common on online store sites.

I always record my banking transactions and purchases from online stores either by saving a rich text clipping, or by “printing” the page as a PDF (the PDF capture has the advantage of faithfully capturing tabular information).