Clip to DT Bookmarklet & NY Times

The “Clip to DT” bookmarklet is no longer working with the NY Times to save PDFs or Webarchives. All I get is the Times’ sign-in page (even though I’m already signed in via Safari).

This used to work like a charm. Anyone else have this problem? Ideas about a fix?

Same problem here with NY Times when using bookmarklet to “save as webarchive.” This just started within past 24 hrs. Address bar shows the following:



This really isn’t a new problem with the New York Times, and it commonly occurs when a site requires registration and a set cookie. The problem is that the Bookmarklet is attempting to reload the page from the site in order to capture it as a WebArchive. As the Bookmarklet attempt isn’t recognized by the site as a registered user, it is diverted to the registration page, and that’s what it will capture.

When all else fails, you can select all or a desired portion of the page and use either the rich note Service (in Safari or other Cocoa browser, “Command-)”) or the WebArchive Service (“Command-%”). Or you can “print” the page as PDF to your database. Another possibility is to choose “Save As” in DT Pro/Office and choose the “Inbox” place in the Finder as the destination.

The above makes sense except that this is a new behavior, after 2+ years of never having occurred during capture as a webarchive on the same site.

Yes, this is entirely new behavior, started about a week or so ago. Prior to that time, I never had a problem capturing NY Times pages as PDFs, using the Clip to DT bookmarklet.

The bookmarklets appear to not be functioning for me either on the Times site. The Command-) Service still works as usual.

I suspect that the New York Times tweaks its Web site from time to time. I’ve seen this behavior in the past.

If they can ever figure out how, they will try to make money from Web access. :slight_smile:

The NYTimes doesn’t present a clean copy even when printing the page and using the DT script to capture the pdf.

I have found a way to get a clean copy of the article. Use the Readable bookmarklet (works in Safari – better than Apple’s implementation, and in Firefox (3.68).

Then right click to apply actions to the Frame
Firefox: This Frame, Print Frame
Safari: Print Frame
then use the DT script via Services to capture a pdf of the frame