"Clip to DT" from webpage now yields huge type size, & switches back to DTP

Text now is greatly “embiggened” compared to the original, appearing in 20 and 24 point size. Not always, but I cannot figure out why some and not others.

I have Palatino 14 selected for Rich Text and Note font, in DTPro Settings> Editing. In Settings> Files> Markdown, I have no Style sheet selected and indeed I know nothing of CSS.

Secondly, clipping text now causes a switch from Safari to DTPro while previously this did not happen and I coiuld go on with what I was doing in Safari.

The first behavior is time-consuming to correct (reformatting time and size for each clipped item). I would be grateful for a way to change this.

Are you clipping to rich text?

This setting is only applied to new rich texts but rich text clipping uses the web page’s styling.