Clip to DT keyboard shortcut for cutter-free layout

I am using the safari extension for DTPO and assigned a keyboard shortcut to invoke the extension on the current page. I can select the type of clipping vie CMD+1-9. That is a really nice feature. But sometime I want to set the checkmark for clutter-free layout and I did not find any keyboard shortcut for it. Is there a keyboard shortcut I can use the set/unset the checkmark at clutter-free layout ?

Thanks for the feedback! However, there’s no such shortcut yet.

Ok thanks for the information. It would be nice if DT would support such a shortcut :slight_smile: So I keep my fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Is it possible to use a keyboard shortcut to toggle for clutter-free capture when using Clip to DT? I recently learnt that one can use CMD-S to save so now I want to save one more mouse click :nerd_face:
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In the next update CMD+F will switch the value of the Clutter Free option.



Thank you very much!!