Clip to DT - now works excellently!

I’ve just upgraded to DT Pro 2.0.4 and I want to congratulate you - the
Clip to DT function now works just the way I want it to. The button on the Safari toolbar is easy to find, the dialog looks great, titling and URL work properly, and there’s a choice of formats for saving. I’ve been trying to get the Clip function to work this way, via scripting, ever since I started using DT. Thankyou for saving me a lot of effort!

Agree. The Clip feature and the new Add to DEVONthink service in Finder led me to turn off Sorter permanently. Much less clutter and more functional this way.

That’s just what I was thinking - turn off the Sorter now.

One thought: the Clip to Devonthink extension does work quite nicely in Firefox now; I’m not sure if I set this up (I started playing with it a few weeks ago) or if it defaulted to this, but having Clip to Devonthink be command-shift-C is awesome.

One thing I do like about the clip to Devonthink bookmarklet, however, is that I can add arbitrary text to the document (I most often add the name, author, and date). If this could become a preference – i.e., give me a text field like the bookmarklet currently does – I’d be even happier: then I can select text, use command-shift-C to open the dialog box, add whatever I need to add, and hit command-N to add it to DTP.

Enough carping: thanks for working on the extension, which is completely awesome.