Clip to DTTG issues on iOS 13.4.1 and iPad Pro 12.9” (2018)

I have been having some issues using the Share Extension on my iPad Pro (12.9” 2018, iOS 13.4.1). The Clip to DTTG only works reliably when I save an article as a ‘Bookmark’. If I select any other format (Web Archive/Markdown either as-is or Clutter-free) the result is an empty file (0 bytes) in DTTG.
The Clip to DTTG works as expected on an iPad mini running the same iOS version.
I have already tried restarting the iPad Pro, deleting and re-downloading the app.

Any other ideas or suggestions?

Are you testing the same URL on both devices?
What URL is it?

Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes, I’m testing the same url on both devices.

I have tested multiple urls and the iPad mini has always been able so save markdown or web archives with no problem, while the iPad Pro can only save bookmarks.

This is one of the urls that I have tested:

No problem.

Interesting. I’m not seeing an issue here.
In DEVONthink To Go, select ? > Contact Us to start a Support Ticket. Thanks!

PS: Welcome @lnz :slight_smile:

While peeking at the logs attached to the Support Ticket I have found out that my VPN/DNS settings were blocking access to DT’s markdownifier on the iPad Pro. And the iPad mini is using a slightly different set of rules that were not blocking the the url.
As soon as I whitelisted the url on the iPad Pro, the Clip to DTTG started working as expected!

All sorted.

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Excellent and thanks for the follow-up!