Clip to DTTG only has one location

I had been using DTTG on my iPhone for a long time, and had no problem clipping bookmarks to my local inbox using Safari. At some point, the syncing stopped working, and I traced it back to the sync store on running out of room. I’ve since taken care of that problem, replacing the sync store with a more nimble one, and I got syncing working once again.

However, now when I use Clip to DT from Safari, it doesn’t give me a choice of targets, instead always clipping to the Global Inbox instead of my local one. How do I fix this?


Is DEVONthink To Go up to date and have you rebooted the device?

DTTG is up to date, and I did a hard reset of the iPhone. Problem still persists.
I also noticed that there’s no auto-completion on tags any more, in “Clip to DTTG”.

Personally, I would delete and reinstall it.

Has DTTG completed indexing? If not, the new databases and their tags (!) have not been written to the Clip to DEVONthink configuration yet.

Could be that it isn’t done indexing. How do I know? I don’t see any related status like on the desktop.

Oh, I see it now in the search bar. We just have to let it do its thing.
OK, it finished indexing.
Database option now appears, and auto-completion of tags does as well.

Thank you.

Is indexing mentioned in the DTTG reference guide? I don’t see it. It might be helpful to answer concerns such as mine.