Clip to HTML is narrow

I have been using Clip to HTML. It works well. However, these two days the clip is very narrow.

While a clip to Web Archive produce the correct view.

Did I accidentally change something? How can I get it back to work correctly?

By default clipping should use the width of your browser window. Which browser do you use?


And how do you exactly clip the page? E.g. do you use the extension, a bookmarklet or just open the Sorter and choose Safari in the clipping tab?

Sorry, new to DT. Not too sure the differences between the extension, the bookmarklet or the Sorter. I use the blue Icon on top of my Safari. Is that a Sorter?
Screen attached.

That’s the extension which will automatically open the Sorter’s clipping tab. How wide is your Safari window? Does restarting either Safari or DEVONthink make a difference?

I usually use it about 3/4 of my screen. I am using a 27 inch monitor. Restarting Safari or DT does not make any difference. In fact, restart the Mac does not make any difference.

However, I remember when I first use DT. The Clip to HTML looks ok, just like Clip to Web Archive. I must have messed up something, some setting that cause it to behave this way.

I always use DT in full screen mode with Sidebar on the left, Inspector on the right, in the centre Widescreen mode. The first screenshot below is Clip to HTML. The second screenshot below is Clip to Web Archive. All view in Widescreen mode.

Does View > Zoom > Original Size fix this?

Yes, it does. Thanks. I must have accidentally change the Zoom size without knowing it. I am so glad that it is resolved now. Thanks again.