Clip to Indexed Document

With the web clipping plug-in for Safari, I can generate a pdf from a web page, select a group “folder” (a tag based on my file structure with a folder icon), and the pdf is imported into the database.

Later, I can select that document and choose “Move to External”. This works perfectly because the groups were created by indexing a bunch of documents. So, the group name corresponds exactly to a folder. This works and only takes a second, but it is something I have to remember to do.

I wonder if instead of the destination being the database, the destination could be the “external” folder. I looked at the plugin UI and could see no way to do that. Also, at DevonThink Pro preferences, but it has nothing referring to clipping.

My approach is for everything to be indexed in the current locations in Dropbox folders. I rely on Dropbox to sync the content across machines. I just starting using the new 2.9 sync feature to synchronize the database. This is working great. So, I tend to want everything to be indexed, instead of imported.

Thanks for any thoughts.

(I realize that other people like to import everything into the database and not have to think about a physical file structure. It is great that Devonthink allows people to work in both ways. It has never gotten in the way for me that both ways are there. They coexist reasonably well and you can mix/match and switch. It does feel that indexing is a bit of a poor cousin compared to importing. So far, I have only found this one way, above, in which indexing is a bit limited but there might be others.)

A future release will automate this. In the meantime the only workaround would be to attach a script (see Info panel) to the indexed groups to semi-automatically move the items to external folders. See for example Devonthink Pro Office - Indexing Files Sync