Clip to Markdown Note Titles

I like using Markdown to clip many types of web pages when I care about the content, and not the look of the site.

There is one really odd thing though, the automatic titles are awful.

I picked a random Wikipedia article to clip (

A Formatted Note or PDF use the title: “Ismael Falcón - Wikipedia”, matching the Wikipedia page title.

When I select Markdown, using “clutter-free” or not, Markdown versions use the title:

– the first 256 characters of the generated Markdown

Obviously they are fixable (with “Set Name As”, or the “Rename > Selected Text” script–why the script has the ^⌘I keystroke and not the native functionality of the app seems weird), but since we know the title–or can divine it from the Markdown link–it’s an extra unneeded step.

Is this a preference I accidentally turned on? I couldn’t find one that looked like it would control that. If not, can this be made smarter?


Yes – at first I could not see this but there is a difference with DTPO in how “name” is rendered. If you use the Safari DEVONthink Clipper extension from Safari’s toolbar, you get the document name is Ismael Falcón - Wikipedia, which is the same contents (as it should be) of the HTML “title” element.

If instead you access the clipper by clicking Safari’s Share icon and choosing Add to DEVONthink, then the Clipper also opens but the “name” of the document when saved to DEVONthink is what @BillSmarglassi reported.

It seems there are two versions of the Clipper at play, one renders the element from webpages correctly, the other one does not.

When I updated to 2.9.11 I did not reinstall the Safari extension – I don’t know if that matters.

Did you use File > Import > Clip to DEVONthink… and enter the URL on your own? Usually the title field should already contain the page title after calling Clip to DEVONthink from a browser or DEVONagent Pro.

However, the next maintenance release will improve this.

No. I used the DEVONthink Clipper from Safari’s toolbar (which works correctly) and then I used Safari > Share > Add to DEVONthink (which does not work correctly)

But, FWIW, File > Import > Clip to DEVONthink also does not work correctly.

“Correctly”, in all cases above, means DEVONthink record “title” == web page

Yes, I’ve been using the “Share to” version of the clipper on Safari instead of the extension. I didn’t even install the DEVONthink extension on my new Mac. It seemed like this was relatively new behavior but it didn’t occur to me that the different share methods would differ so much. Now that I think about it, I began noticing it roughly the same time as I stopped using the extension.

I moved to the Share button method (same as File > Share > Add to DEVONthink, I believe), after Sierra began prompting for permission to run many extensions. I did some searching on the web, and it was attributed to a change in macOS/Safari that no one had a solution to at the time. I use the DEVONthink clipper too frequently to want to deal with the popup. :slight_smile: Now that I see I’ll have to do more work later to fix the title for Markdown, I have a temporary workaround.